#118 Precision marketing & customer service tips from an award-winning guesthouse owner.

#118 Precision marketing & customer service tips from an award-winning guesthouse owner.

Richard Everson owns and runs Schonegg, an award winning guesthouse in rural Australia. He’s also an avid listener to the show.

Recently he sent me an email requesting an interview, and it was this part of the email that caught my attention:

“My wife and I own Country Guesthouse Schonegg. We love the business and after 10 years, 7 tourism awards and over 65% repeat/referral business, we like to think we’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing.”

Richard also told me he’s been a chef at a Michelin hat awarded restaurant in London and worked on the QE2 – so I’m also thinking he knows a thing or two about customer service.

And that he does … so, in this fireside chat we cover:

  • The concept of precision marketing.
  • How to over-deliver with your customer service.
  • The power of Trip Advisor.
  • And the importance of creating packages (for Teddy Bears!).

PLUS in this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing show, I wallow in self-pity as I share how Seth knocked me back and I pose a question that all motivated small business owners should be asking themselves if they want to improve their offering.

Please enjoy, and I’d love it if you left a comment below. What did you like? Not like? Love? Hate? (Big word hate!).

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2 thoughts on “#118 Precision marketing & customer service tips from an award-winning guesthouse owner.”

  1. Great interview and content Richard. You have an awesome business with an extremely positive profile and are well recognised in the Canberra and Murrambateman region.
    The location is awesome and from my limited visits to your guesthouse, NOTHING beats the view of the greenery overlooking the rear paddocks with green, lush country side. The story of your success and the marketing approach is a podcast worth listening to.
    Tony Ozanne

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