#117 How to create raving fans in your business. AKA build customer loyalty.

#117 How to create raving fans in your business. AKA build customer loyalty.

Sam Cavanagh is the National Executive Producer for Austereo – Australia’s largest radio network. This basically means he’s responsible for the creative output, and ultimately the ratings success of some of Australia’s most popular on-air talent including Hamish and Andy, Jules and Fifi, Merrick & the Highay Patrol and The Grill Team.

“But what’s this got to do with improving the marketing of your small business?” I hear you ask.

Plenty! Two words – Customer loyalty.

Sam has spent a lot of time recently mulling over and implementing the concept of turning listeners in to raving fans – it’s a complete mindset change as Sammy explains; one that once you get your head around has a major positive impact on your business. In my fireside chat we talk about:

  • The difference between a listener (AKA customer) and a raving fan.
  • How to do it.
  • How to nurture them so they do the marketing for you.

We then go on to talk about idea creation – something radio people do often given the amount of content they need to create. Sam shares what makes a good idea, how they generate them plus he takes us inside a concept development meeting.

We also talk about the power of social media and why we shouldn’t be ignoring it.

PLUS in this episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show I launch the very first scribe of a past interview, touch on Pinterest (more to come on that), announce my new Meetup group and ask the question “Who are you missing on your virtual marketing team?”

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2 thoughts on “#117 How to create raving fans in your business. AKA build customer loyalty.”

  1. Andrew the vacuum guy.

    fantastic podcast timbo, some great ideas on social media and how to use those in marketing my vacshop.com.au vacuum cleaner business, cheers.

  2. Thanks Andrew. Yep, Sam’s take on social media is refreshing. But at the end of the day, it’s just people having conversations online and the same rules apply as they do offline – be polite, consistent and friendly. Happy days!

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