SBBM #20 – How to get your small business on national TV…For free

SBBM #20 – How to get your small business on national TV…For free

Oh yeahhhh…this interview with Steve Sammartino from Rentoid is marketing G O L D . This guy’s a freak…not only has he founded a great little idea and brought it to life all by himself…he’s managed to get national TV coverage to boot….for F R E E . Who wouldn’t want a bit of that action. Steve’s got lots of other great marketing tips and tricks…all of which require a bit of marketing elbow grease than they do large wads of cash. You’ll also be privy to Lukee’s new marketing term…the PR rabbit burrow….Marketing gold? Or marketing comedy? You decide.

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3 thoughts on “SBBM #20 – How to get your small business on national TV…For free”

  1. Great episode, as always! I’ve even joined Rentoid and listed an item and I only listened to the podcast this morning!!!

    LOVE your show guys, need to up the frequency!

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