SBBM #27: How to Raise Sponsorship.

SBBM #27: How to Raise Sponsorship.

How to raise sponsorshipThere’s this guy Tristan who’s running 52 marathons in 52 weeks…all over the world. He wants to raise $100,00 for UNICEF. He also wants some sponsors to join him (financially, not physically!). So we interview his marketing guy on the ground in Australia and give him our thoughts on what he should be doing to attract and retain sponsorship monies. Believe it or not, we both have experience in this area of marketing that’s not for the faint-hearted. If you currently use sponsorship in your marketing arsenal, or work for a cause that’s wanting to fund raise then have your pen and pad at the ready as there’s more marketing nuggets in this episode than ever before.

But we don’t stop there…we’re extremely excited to almost announce a major national partnership. Plus Tim vents his spleen about outdoor advertising and shares some insights he learnt from attending a major car auction business just this morning.

Here’s the links we mention in the show:

Run Like Crazy (Follow Tristan’s madness)

Unbounce (how to buld web pages that convert)

Everyday Hero (Donate to Tristan’s cause)

Sony Bloggie (They make video blogging easy – every small business should have one – we’ve both got one)

Small Business Big Marketing (Our upcoming marketing workshop)

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