SBBM #21: Finding Balance and Passion in Your Small Business

SBBM #21: Finding Balance and Passion in Your Small Business

Let’s see..Australian Ski team Olympic Coach…turned feature film script writer…turned highly balanced individual who now shares his secrets to living your passion and maintaining a work / life balance with the world. Our guest, Chip Richards, may just be Australia’s answer to Depak Chopra meets Tony Robbins. He certainly leaves Lukeee and I speechless at one point…wait until you hear the silence! A silence that’s never been heard before on SBBM! So, if one of the major problems in your small business is deciding which 80-hours to work, then Chip may just have the answer you’ve been looking for. Now get comfortable, breathe nice and deeply and …….

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Show notes

Chip Richards is a personal, professional and creative coach and speaker, specialising in helping individuals and organisations see new possibilities and strike the balance between high achievement and true fulfillment in work and life. He can be reached at or +61 405 442 144.

3 thoughts on “SBBM #21: Finding Balance and Passion in Your Small Business”

  1. Fantastic stuff, that lovely long description Chip gives about receiving inspiration is very much like conversational hypnosis. I could definitely listen to this guy some more.

  2. I mean “Chippy” is awesome. We call him that as well Tim! He’s more of a Chippy than a Chip for sure.

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