SBBM #37: How to self publish a book.

SBBM #37: How to self publish a book.

Wendy Bloom - Veggie SmugglersThe marketing world has changed, goddammit! We, the small business owner, can do anything. Anything the big boys do but better.

It’s time for us to strike back with a vengeance.

To this end, in episode #37 of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast we interview Wendy Blume from Vegie Smugglers … a stay at home Mum who’s gone ahead and published, single-handedly, her very own cook book. She shares with us the secrets to doing so, how to become an author and reap the benefits.

We also launch the Small Business Big Marketing Academy with a very special listener offer. Lock in as a member between now and December 31, 2010 and you’ll protect yourself from all future prices rises. Th Academy is our way of giving you, the small business owner, a truck load of marketing stimuli each month, delivered straight in to your in box. It will have you doing much more with less. We review productivity tools, provide detailed HOW TO sheets, give you 5-minute power tips PLUS you’ll receive additional exclusive interviews with each guest who’s been on the show where they share some additional gold never heard before.

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Vegie Smugglers – Wendy Blume’s website

Scrivener – Helps you write a book

MagCloud – Publish your own magazine

Cha-Ching! – Tim’s book chockablock of marketing ideas for the small guy

LuLu – Get your book published

Blurb – Make your own book

Flying Solo – Our partners in all things micro and small business

How to self publish a book (PDF Transcription)

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