207- Timbo tackles your most pressing marketing questions.

207- Timbo tackles your most pressing marketing questions.

What do you do when your latest podcast guest decides not to cancel at the last minute but at the very last second? (Yep, that’s what happened to me this week – and just moments before I was supposed to have a chat with politician, Jeff Kennett).

You answer your most pressing small business marketing questions. That’s what.

So, I’ve dusted myself off, and am ready to deliver just as much marketing GOLD as ever. I get stuck into some of your small business marketing questions, from how to “get past the Doberman” and in front of senior level management, through to the secrets for creating a killer business name.

Plus, I give you some super valuable marketing tips, like finding the right keywords as a base for your web content, and how to make your Youtube videos stand out with bespoke thumbnail images.

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Let’s do it!

Episode Timeline

  • 2.00 Find out why Jeff Kennett cancelled on me right at the very last second.
  • 3.00 The importance of being personable. Introduce yourself to people and ask questions.
  • 5.30 Learning not to take certain things personally. The issue might be theirs, not yours.
  • 8.30 If you’re not using 99Designs for your business design, you are missing a trick. Follow 99designs.com/sbbm for a free $99 Power Pack upgrade.
  • 12.30  Are you continuing the SBBM love by commenting in the show notes? If not, why not?!
  • 14.30 On the divisiveness of multi-level marketing.
  • 16.45 Are there any cost effective ways of getting in front of senior level management, i.e. “getting past the doberman”. YES!
  • 23.00  Reflecting on the amazing Small Business Big Marketing meetup event, where I got to down some beers with more than 40 of you!
  • 27.00 Stuck with creating content for keywords and other SEO practices? Netregistry can help!
  • 29.00 One listener challenges me on the definition of “leaning in”.
  • 33.00 One of my listeners is on a mission to make financial planning sexy – yeah!
  • 36.30  How to create an awesome business name.
  • 38.30 Why learning about marketing is great – but the best way of learning is to get out there and do it!
  • 41.00 Inspirational Quote of the Week from Steve Jobs
  • 42.45 A look at some of the marketing GOLD inside the SBBM forum.

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13 thoughts on “207- Timbo tackles your most pressing marketing questions.”

  1. Tim
    Love your open honesty ( I.e jeff no show ) you could have given B.S excuse but you are open and honest about your ups and downs , that’s how u have created a tribe

    Free tip
    Create your interviews one week in advance so if u have a drop out or just aren’t up to it u have one ready to go

    Lean in
    Mmm thought about this while skiing last week
    If you lean forward down the hill u have control and it’s easier ,if you lean back it actually gets harder and u get out of control
    By the way I’m an average skier

    Love your work

  2. Timbo, you never disappoint. 50 min monologue is not easy. Always GOLD in them there hills! I really wasn’t too into that Jeff guy anyway. Not sure I’d want to here from a US politician, but maybe you guys grow em different down there. Never fun when it is last minute though. Love your work!

  3. Thanks Nick. Actually, I must say, I do enjoy the extended monologues. I don’t do many as I often loo at them as mountains, but once i get going they become nice slow climbs, with a rewarding view at the end!

  4. So leaning in.

    As former skater and surfboarder I think the analogy of leaning in correct. You must lean in to a corner, it’s just physics. You have to put the centre of mass (near your heart) over the centre of balance/pivot which is on the deck/board.

    So Timbo, you are right, you do lean into a corner.

    As for thumbnails on Youtube videos. You need to install advertising on your Youtube profile, choose to not show ads, then you can choose to upload a custom thumbnail.

    Yani: I like these quotes: Action better than no action, even if it is imperfect. Done is better than perfect. Time to take action.

    And Timbo, selling a little trinket on Ebay. That sounds like fun! I am going to give it a go and may even write a blog post about it

  5. Timbo, thanks for playing my audio testimonial. Air Horn GOOOLLDDD. Will be emailing you my answer to your question. What am I doing with the Marketing gold, while driving truck.

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