261 – This Chiropractor’s video marketing strategy generated 5 million views in 2-months. And that’s not all.

261 – This Chiropractor’s video marketing strategy generated 5 million views in 2-months. And that’s not all.

Imagine a video marketing strategy that generated 200+ email inquiries per day. Has people traveling from across the world to use your services. And that’s created a three month waiting list for new clients.

Well, that exactly what’s happened to Melbourne Chiropractor, Dr. Ian Rossborough of Chiropractic Excellence since he’s started filming the work he’s doing on his patients.

In my fireside chat with Ian, he explains how he and his staff go about creating the videos, the impact they’ve had on his business and how he’s managing the exponential growth. This is a wonderful story of a medical professional working hard to make a difference.




00:23  Welcome & overview
00:32  Today’s guest introduction – Dr. Ian Rossborough
04:28  Interview with Dr. Ian Rossborough – Part 1
15:19  Insights in to the Key Person Of Influence Business Accelerator
16:35  Interview with Dr. Ian Rossborough – Part 2
26:15  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with Dr. Ian
28:34  Motivational marketing quote of the week from Zig Ziglar
28:51  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests



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Dr. Ian Rossborough’s business – Chiropractic Excellence

Chiropractic Excellence’s YouTube channel

The full interview with Dr. Ian Rossborough can be found inside
The Small Business Big Marketing Forum








  1. Ask yourself this – “Is there an opportunity in your business to capture on video (in real time) the success or joy a client experiences from using your product or service?
  2. Don’t wait to have all the fancy equipment before you start a content marketing strategy. Just fricken’ start!
  3. Continue to be yourself, in your videos, blog posts, podcasts, in any content marketing you do. Don’t put on some weird ass marketing voice.




“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does taking a bath.
That’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-hahahha moment from this episode?

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12 thoughts on “261 – This Chiropractor’s video marketing strategy generated 5 million views in 2-months. And that’s not all.”

  1. Gonna share this one with my wife who is a chiro. AHPRA rules are pretty strong and I think it is great that the Doc addressed it 🙂 Very well adjusted episode!

  2. Shadi Kheder

    Wow, what a powerful video, I can just imagine how many people like Mun have been told nothing can help them, doesn’t surprise me that he is getting so many enquiries. Fits the part for a marketing achievement that needs to be shared.

  3. Hey Terence. Go easy on the Dad jokes. That’s my space! Let us know if your wife goes ahead and creates some videos for her practice. Doing a few back-to-back would make sense ?

  4. Correct Brad. The creation of helpful content doesn’t need to be difficult. We’re creating it every day, just not necessarily capturing it. It’s certainly a good habit to get in to.

  5. Alun Davies

    Enjoyed the episode Tim and I found the naivety quite refreshing in a way. He really didn’t go chasing down his clients/patients/customers but actually his product is so good that it sells itself. I wonder with some real marketing what Ian could achieve? You mentioned courses, but books, self help websites, even gym classes focusing on core stability and back exercises which could be franchised like “Zumba” is at the moment. With so many gismos gadgets for back pain Im sure even a range of equipment could be sold. Loved it. Thank you

  6. You make great points, Alun. I see this often that when a business owner creates compelling, helpful, non-salesy marketing, new opportunities arise that encourage them to create new revenue streams. Why? Because people want more of what they’ve got. Simple ?

  7. About 4 years ago I tried to get my wife, who is also a chiro, to do some helpful videos. We made about 4. If only we had stuck at it we would have a mountain of helpful video content that would be generating enormous enquiry. I think video is such a powerful channel for small businesses looking to grow their business by showing how they can help people.

    Timbo, what’s that saying about having to explain a joke… adjustment… chiropractor… get it???

  8. Justin, it’s never too late to start on a helpful marketing strategy. Get your wife producing those videos again and you’ll have a virtual shelf worth in no time.

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