229 – Jeff Bullas demystifies social media marketing for small business. And boy, do we cover some ground!

229 – Jeff Bullas demystifies social media marketing for small business. And boy, do we cover some ground!

Jeff Bullas may well be Australia’s leading expert on how businesses can embrace social media marketing. No longer do you, the motivated small business owner, need to view the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN as evil, bright shiny objects that distract us from getting on with business. Social media marketing can be effective. Can generate leads. Can help you build a tribe. In my fireside chat with Jeff, you’ll discover exactly how this impossibility is actually possible.

During my fireside chat with Jeff Bullas, you’ll discover:

  • A fantastic definition of social media
  • The type of content that is prone to going viral on social media
  • The power of turning text into images
  • Why you should attribute copy and images
  • How to use guest blogging to improve your social media footprint
  • What the most amazing thing that’s happened to Jeff as a result of social media
  • Why social media plays in to the hands of the small business owner
  • Why helpful marketing is an ideal platform for social media
  • How to extend what you offer from a physical product to a digital product
  • The power of multi-channel marketing
  • How a B2B social media strategy differs to a B2C strategy
  • Who the big hitters are in social media
  • The hub and spoke model
  • Why Facebook is now pay-to-play
  • Jeff Bullas’ secret to standing out on Facebook
  • What the curiosity-gap is and how to use it to increase engagement
  • How the social web is driven by email messaging
  • How to choose the right social media channel for your business
  • What Jeff Bullas’s favourite social media channel is
  • Why tweeting every 15-minutes is critical, as is scheduling your social media
  • Why evergreen content is smart marketing
  • What if someone criticises your business on social media

Plus I share an exciting idea from long time listener and Forum Member, Ben Mutoli of Geelong Cable Locations. It’s a ripper and is aimed at helping you grow your business. Thanks Ben!

Yep, it’s another big show. Let’s get stuck right into episode 229 of Australia’s #1 marketing show. Go!


Episode Timeline

  • 00:30  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 01:47  Time to check-in and see how your business week has been
  • 05:18  A little sponsor love for Netregistry & 99Designs
  • 07:39  A listener shares an idea that will impact your business positively
  • 10:55  I introduce social media expert Jeff Bullas
  • 12:55  Interview with Jeff Bullas
  • 56:02  My top 3 learnings from my interview with Jeff Bullas
  • 58:15  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 58:58  Wrap-up and next week’s guest


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My Top 5 Marketing Tips from my chat with Jeff Bullas:

  1.  Social media is the intersection of technology and humanity. It’s simply people having conversations online!
  2. Jeff’s hub & spoke model where the hub is your website which should contain all your wonderfully helpful content, and social media channels are the hubs enabling your messages to get in front of the right people.
  3. Build an email list – social media marketing isn’t all about social media!
  4. Tweet every 15-minutes; and tweet the same content more than once. Who would have thought!?
  5. Create evergreen content that never dates.


Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “229 – Jeff Bullas demystifies social media marketing for small business. And boy, do we cover some ground!”

  1. Great interview Timbo. So many actionable points that Jeff mentioned. Am already onto SocialOomph as Hootsuite was starting to really annoy me with the constant loading of posts. Thanks Jeff n Timbo, well worth the listen.

  2. Great episode guys. My learning was to share my blog posts more often.

    Have looked into SocialOomph, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc and just wasn’t quite happy.

    There are a couple of plugins that look good and will give a run:

    One that is awesome, if you have $9 a month, is CoSchedule. Actually, it is frgn awesome.
    Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK3un3Wt_Qo

    Cheers guys,

  3. Andrew Crompton

    enjoyed this one Tim, my takeaway was the dynamic content, focus on headline and images for FB/Linked posts.

  4. Tracy Hooper

    Great show, guys. I’ve been afraid of jumping into Twitter because it is “one more thing to manage.” But now, I’m thinking I need Twitter to expand my reach to potential clients. Plus, an ah ha for me: my website is where all the best content should be, then send it out to FB etc.

  5. Great interview Timbo! I definitely learned a hell of a lot from it. Like you say, marketing gold. Social media, whilst I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years, has always had a certain abstract quality to it. This interview helped me crystallise my thinking on those grey areas. Keen to put it to work.

  6. Hi Timbo. Shane from Reminisce Images here. I’m slowly catching up with the podcasts. This was G.O.L.D. I’ve already taken the Social Media SPOKE idea on board so it was great to hear his views on this. Jeff gave some great tips on using Twitter and I’ve signed up to socialoomph.com. Thanks for another great episode.

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