Tiny Cabins, Big Names: How Unyoked Caught the Eye of Matthew McConaughey & Apple | 658

Tiny Cabins, Big Names: How Unyoked Caught the Eye of Matthew McConaughey & Apple | 658

Dive into the world of strategic partnerships on The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast as we explore Unyoked’s journey with co-founder Chris Grant. Discover how their alliance with Matthew McConaughey and Apple epitomises the fusion of nature and business, and learn the secrets behind Unyoked’s success. This is a masterclass in leveraging high-profile collaborations to redefine the escape from modern stressors through the power of nature. Tune in for inspiration on cultivating impactful partnerships.


A little more about Unyoked’s founder Chris Grant …


In 2017, Chris Grant and his twin brother Cam embarked on a venture to redefine our connection with nature through Unyoked, with strategic partnerships at the heart of their mission. Unyoked’s off-grid, minimal impact cabins, strategically placed in the midst of unspoiled landscapes, offer a respite from the relentless pace of modern life, serving as a bridge back to the ancient calm of the wild.

With a growing portfolio of 100 bespoke cabins across three countries and over 35,000 stays, Unyoked’s journey has been bolstered by strategic collaborations with the likes of Matthew McConaughey and tech titan Apple. These alliances have not only amplified their reach but have also affirmed their innovative approach to merging tranquility with enterprise.

This expansion and recognition as leaders of innovation have been fuelled by a recent $28 million funding, earmarked for a European venture. Chris and Cam’s recognition in The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators for two consecutive years speaks volumes of their vision.

In our conversation, I explore with Chris the challenges of transitioning from corporate life to carving a path in the wilderness, underpinned by strategic partnerships that transform and transcend.



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