Renae Bunster’s Fiery Path to Success: Transforming a Passion for Hot Sauce into a Thriving Food & Beverage Business | 662

Renae Bunster’s Fiery Path to Success: Transforming a Passion for Hot Sauce into a Thriving Food & Beverage Business | 662

Explore the booming hot chilli sauce market with Renae Bunster, a leader in Australia’s hot sauce scene. In episode 662 of the award-winning Small Business Big Marketing podcast, Renae updates us on her expanding empire, including her new Tequila and pre-mixed cocktail lines. Get ready for a fiery discussion!

A little more about Bunster’s Worldwide founder Renae Bunster …


During a holiday through central America in 2011, Aussie journalist Renae Bunster fell in love with the delicious fresh hot sauces from the region.

Upon returning home she couldn’t find anything that came even close, so like all good entrepreneurs, she began making her own, calling it Shit The Bed!  Friends who’d never even liked chilli before were suddenly kicking down her door, and it quickly turned into a thriving business with orders coming in from all over Australia.

In fact, when I first interviewed Renae in episode 401, she was already selling $8,000 worth a day, and was the number one selling hot sauce on Amazon Australia ahead of the giant Sriracha! Realising she was on to something, she sent a load over to the US and Shit The Bed quickly became number one on Amazon USA!

Today, the Bunster hot sauce empire is thriving with new flavours added, supported by a huge national distribution including Woolworths, plus Renae has extended the brand into pre-mixed cocktails and a dedicated Tequila brand with flavours including Peanut Butter and Fruit Tingle!

So sit back as Renae shares how she’s gone about building her empire, along with how she’s raised $3.7M through equity crowd-funding, and how she got her hot sauce brand featured on Hot Ones, one of YouTube’s biggest channels.

As always, you’ll find a video snippet from this interview that I feel is super interesting over at

Enough from me, let’s go meet Renae …



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