301 – Do you have the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’? Find out how to get it with Booktopia’s Tony Nash, Australia’s Number 1 Online Book Retailer

301 – Do you have the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’? Find out how to get it with Booktopia’s Tony Nash, Australia’s Number 1 Online Book Retailer

Tony Nash started Booktopia with a budget of $10 a day and it took him 3 days to sell his first book. He now runs an $87 million successful online retailing empire with 125 employees, they have over 750,000 items in stock, they sell 1 item every 8 seconds and in 2014 he won Telstra’s award for medium-sized business of the year.

To make sure he was the real deal I ran his name by our resident online business expert, Paul Greenberg from the National Online Retailers Association to ensure that Tony would live up to the hype. Paul said that:

“Tony is a bit like a bumblebee. Where he technically shouldn’t be able to fly against the likes of Amazon but not only has he flown he’s soared!”

In this episode of Australia’s number 1 marketing show we cover:

  • The key pillars of search engine optimisation (SEO) that are as true today as they were 15 years ago.
  • How we’re still in the early throws of this whole ‘internet’ thing… Seriously!
  • The ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’.
  • How to change your focus to abundance and stop worrying about those bills once and for all.
  • How to be philanthropic while remaining true to (even building) your brand.

Also in this episode I discuss why I had no ‘hoo ha’ about episode 300 and a helpful marketing learning that you can take from it as well.







00:33  Welcome & overview
02:39  Check-In
00:00  Guest introduction – Tony Nash of Booktopia
07:55  Interview – Part 1
26:35  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
28:48  Interview – Part 2
54:31  My Top 6 Attention Grabbers
56:57  Marketing Quote
57:24  Listener Feedback
59:19  Wrap-up & insights into next week’s guest







Booktopia’s official website

Episode 262 with Rand Fishkin on the best SEO tips for small business

Buy Timbo’s new marketing text book The Boomerang Effect






  1. Take heed of the four points Tony made that will lead you to being on page one of Google for keyword searches. If you need reminding of the detail, then re listen to episode 262 with Rand Fishkin of MOZ.
  2. While we’re at it, size does matter on the Internet. The more pages your website has the better. That’s where helpful marketing kicks in. So buy my book!
  3. Focus on sales. Not the bills! Have a mindset of abundance.
  4. Embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. Take an attitude of ‘bring it on!’. And in doing so, clip the highs and lows.
  5. Consider integrating a philanthropic program into your business. And in doing so, make it strategically relevant. Booktopia help improve the literacy levels of under-privileged Australians.
  6. Read more!






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Stephen Denny once said …

“If dogs don’t like your dog food,
the packaging doesn’t matter”







What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from today’s episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every one.



6 thoughts on “301 – Do you have the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’? Find out how to get it with Booktopia’s Tony Nash, Australia’s Number 1 Online Book Retailer”

  1. Really interesting podcast Timbo. I have a question for Tony – he said you need a distributor to get a self published book onto Booktopia. Is that another word for a ‘publisher’. Or are distributors a wider group than that?

  2. Forget about celebrating #300 Timbo, #301 was one for the ages! There was so much insight from Tony, or as you would say, G-O-L-D! I listened to it as I was packing socks in my GripSox warehouse (unfortunately I haven’t reached Tony’s level yet!)

    I particularly loved his thoughts on the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s so important to keep everything in perspective, yet welcome the challenges. Bring it on!

    Until next time,
    Luke Goodwin

  3. G’day Tim, ealy liked this episode. Great to have a alternative to Amazon. Having listened to Tony and his story, was keen to open an account and place a little order for some resources to keep helping me along on my journey. Really love your enthusiasm and genuine approach in a space that does contain some ‘over the top’ characters. Cheers

  4. Hi Timbo!

    This was a superb episode – in particular as I took over the running of an online bookstore in the UK two years ago. I still remember the feeling of seeing the first order come in!

    I’ve got so much information from Tony to help my site grow further – but I’d also love to get the chance to contact him personally as I’m sure he’d be a massive help and be able to go into much more detail.

    The trouble is, I’m not sure what I can offer in return for his time. I want to make it just as worthwhile for Tony because, as you know, giving is more important than receiving in business (and in general).

    If you have any thoughts of what Tony would like in exchange for his invaluable experience, please could you let me know.


    PS Apologies for being late to this episode but I’m playing catchup with all your previous episodes of marketing G O L D.

  5. Richard Johnson

    Hi Timbo,

    I’ve listened to this twice! This episode really had an effect on me! Thank you… as a small business owner it feels you have been with me on my journey!

    Little Brixton

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