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5 Benefits From My 14-Day Blog Challenge (And It’s Only Day 6!)

I awoke this morning feeling a little sad.

Jack, my oldest boy, turns 18 today.

Where on earth did those years go?!

He’s also on this last term break before exams. So it’s head down and bum up.

His English teacher set him the challenge of writing one practice essay a day for the 14-days of the break.

To make it easier (and more enjoyable for him) I agreed that we’d both sit down for an hour each day and write. Jack would write an essay, I’d write a blog post.

So the 14-day blog post challenge began. And, five posts in, it’s going beautifully.

Beyond spending quality (albeit silent) time with my now mature son (!), there’s been so much upside already to blogging regularly.

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How to never run out of helpful content

I started creating truly helpful content five years ago when I launched The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

At the time, I didn’t give much though to the problem of running out of content.

Afterall, there’s was no shortage of marketing questions business owners had.

And there was no shortage of business owners using marketing to successfully grow their business.

And in fact, I still don’t give much thought to this problem.

However, and it’s a big however, many business owners considering a helpful content marketing strategy seem to have big concerns about running out of things to say.

So, if the concern is there, then let me address it.

yTravel Blog - travel blogger

203 – How to become a travel blogger, and make a living whilst travelling the world. Oh yeah!

If you think that it’s impossible to travel around your country, the world even, while earning a great income, think again. Just three years ago, Caz Makepeace was stuck in the cubicle, and now she travels the world with her family, courtesy of her travel blog, Y Travel Blog. Find out how she does it in the latest episode of Australia’s #1 marketing show!

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#116 Fourteen million monthly page views – Mamamia’s Mia Freedman explains exactly how she does it.

Mia Freedman is the editor and publisher of Australia’s fastest growing women’s website

Having built her career around creating communities of women in magazines (as Editor of Cosmo and then Editor in Chief of Cosmo, Cleo & Dolly), Mia began Mamamia in her lounge room in 2007 and today it employs 30 people and has Mamamia has 500,000 readers and more than 14 million page views per month.

Listen in to this fireside chat I had with Mia recently where she explains exactly how she did it. It’s marketing gold. Enjoy!

SBBM #19 – Guerrilla Marketing, Blogging & Building Credibility

In Episode 19 of Small Business Big Marketing, Tim and Luke catch up for a chat about Guerrilla marketing, blogging and creating credibility. Tim tells us about his couple of days at the Tedx talks, a Selling from Stage seminar and networking success, while Luke shares his recent blogging strategies and Guerrilla marketing techniques.   …

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