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disruptive marketing ideas

281 – Disruptive marketing ideas rock. And Ben Walker, a 26-year old CPA, is nailing some.

Hey, what kind of business do you reckon this is? It’s got a cafe that’s not open to everyone. The cafe’s got beer taps. It has weekly gatherings of up to 30 people. And you can’t be a client if you can’t use an iPad. No idea? It’s an accounting firm. And a very disruptive one at that! (I do love disruptive marketing ideas!)

CPA Ben Walker opened the doors at Inspire CA three years ago, and from the very start he was determined not to make this any old accounting firm. He wanted it to stand out from the pack, to challenge the conventions of an industry that (some would argue) is trapped back in the 80s.

Listen in to find out what he’s done and how it’s impacted his business.

Blamey Saunders

193 – A masterful lesson in how to successfully disrupt your industry with quantum physicist turned entrepreneur Dr. Elaine Saunders of Blamey Saunders hears.

It’s not every day that a successful quantum physicist decides to pack it all in and launch an online hearing aid business, but that’s exactly what Dr. Elaine Saunders did. Not only is Blamey Saunders hears the only custom fitted online hearing aid business out there – it has bucked a heap of business trends in the process. In my chat with Elaine, she shares a tonne of marketing GOLD from how to get television exposure from day one, through to the benefits of keeping chummy with a tight network of journalists. Let’s get stuck into it, small business owners.

Rozibaby on Small Business Big Marketing - Customising your offer

187 – How customising your offer can grow your business, with Rozibaby’s Tahir Baig

In my chat with Tahir Baig, co-founder of customisable prams retailer Rozibaby, he reveals how he overcame his risk-averse nature to become a successful start-up business founder, how customisation has allowed Rozibaby to own a playful and exciting point of difference, and just how important publicity (including a nail biting TV audition) has been for Rozibaby right from its launch.

I also announce the winner of the Cactus Skincare competition and share some great news from inside the Small Business Big Marketing Forum. Listen up …

miss chu - brand building

186 – Stand out by building a strong brand, with tuck shop owner Miss Chu.

Every business has a story, but how often does a business idea emerge from escaping a dictatorship and surviving a refugee camp? That’s exactly what happened when Nahji Chu launched her Vietnamese tuck shops back in 2008. But this week’s podcast is no pity party. In fact, my chat with Nahji perfectly showcases how she injected her fun spirit and passion for Vietnamese culture into misschu, creating a fast food business that breaks the mould. Listen up …