Phil Leahy How to start again after bankruptcy

287 – How To Go From Bankruptcy To A Dream Business With Phil Leahy

You’ve got two choices when you go bankrupt. You either give up … or you get up, dust yourself off and create a business and a life you love. Have a guess what today’s guest did?

Plus in today’s episode we find time for a quick check-in, I share a motivational quote about living the life you deserve, and I share some feedback from two motivated business owners who have successfully taken some swift marketing action.

Yep, you guessed it … another massive episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast.

eBay success story

275 – How To Run An eBay Business With eBay Master Seller, Paul Nieuwenhuys of Hooked Online & Sinker

eBay’s leading fishing tackle seller shares some marketing gems that have application across all types of business – online and offline. Listen in and you’ll not only discover how to run an eBay business, but be reminded of some basic marketing fundamentals when it comes to sharing your products or services with the world.

Paul Nieuwenhuys launched his eBay store – Hooked Online & Sinker – 5 years ago. Amazingly it was his first step in to eCommerce, and as of today he’s sold close to $3,000,000 of hooks, lines and sinkers!

Listen in. You’ll be hooked ;0)