David Reyne

192 – TV star, David Reyne, shares his transition from the small screen to Real Estate.

Have you ever wondered what became of the television personalities that you loved from the decades gone by? Well, if they were anything like David Reyne, host of Getaway, The Morning Show, and actor on The Flying Doctors, they would have become entrepreneurial Real Estate experts. Now David works for successful real estate firm Aqua Real Estate, and shares his many learnings about his time in the business in this episode. If you have fear about changing your career path or you doubt your own entrepreneurial spirit, David has some golden words for you. Get listening!

Leigh Storr Bio Solar - door to door sales

188 – This multi-million dollar business relies 100% on door to door sales, with BioSolar’s Leigh Storr.

At the age of 31, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Leigh Storr, the founder of a solar panel installation company, BioSolar, is just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship and small business. In fact, this week’s interviewee has been identifying lucrative business opportunities from the age of just 14.

His latest venture, BioSolar, has one important difference – it uses 100% door-to-door sales and marketing. Leigh really demonstrates that your business doesn’t have to fit the typical mould and with a little outside-the-box thinking, you can create a small business that makes a big impact. Let’s get into it!