Luke Goodwin Gripsox - marketing podcast

241 – This physio gets a grip by turning to socks. Yeah, socks!

Ever think, “Geez, I wish I’d thought of that!”? Well, today’s guest thought of it. Acted on it. And is now making money from it. “It” being Gripsox. Yeah … socks with grip!

In 2005 physiotherapist Luke Goodwin launched GripSox; which are now sold globally.

Listen in as Luke shares how he got them to market, and how Gripsox success is now demanding that he stops being a physio and focus 100% on making the world that much grippier (is that a word?!).

I also share a great Twitter case study, where Smart Car turned a negative in to a big positive and got a whole lot of free media coverage as a result.

Let’s go!

Scott Boocock Hegs - idea to reality

238 – How a little black dress lead this fellow to a very big idea.

Picture this. You’re out at the clothes line hanging your wife’s little black dress, when suddenly you’re struck by an idea. No, not to put her dress on, but to add a hook to the peg. The next thing you know you’ve invented the Heg, and you’re producing 53,000,000 of them in your first full year.

Yep, it’s another big show. Let’s get stuck right into Australia’s #1 marketing podcast.