#109 The 8 Stories You Must Tell To Build An Epic Business.

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, speaker and small business commentator. She’s also the founder of the Sydney Writers’ Centre which is a world-class training facility for budding writers. Valerie is also the author of the best-selling business book – Power Stories – and that’s what we talk about on today’s episode.

Valerie’s belief is that when you tell the right stories, you can transform a brand into an icon, turn your customers into tireless advocates (we love that!), and give your business – or yourself – an unbeatable advantage. And I gotta say, I totally agree with her – afterall, who doesn’t love, remember and share a good story? Power Stories really is an essential guide to learning how to identify and create stories that will build your small business. Listen up …

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#102 – It’s time for Funny Business with Timbo & Andrew Griffiths.

In this episode Andrew Griffiths and I launch in to our second Funny Business segment in which we:

– Share a Modern Family moment we both had in an upmarket pet shop recently.
– Cogitate over a first world marketing problem Timbo had in a 5-star hotel.
– Discuss the importance of backing yourself.
– Pose the question Is it enough to meet your customers’ expectations?
– And share some of our biggest business mistakes.

PLUS I respond to a listener who, up until now, has felt intimidated by the idea of marketing his business. Listen in as I share some advice on how to squash the intimidation … and discover how my Online Marketing Communications Masterclass also helped him overcome it.

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#87 How To Market A Business In Tough Times.

Larry Bloch co-founded Netregistry in 1997 – right in the high diddle diddle of the dot com boom. Things were going swimmingly with the business doubling every couple of months … until mid 2000 when the boom went bust.

BUT that’s where it gets interesting … really interesting.

You see, marketing a business in boom times is relatively easy – there’s plenty of money and eager buyers – especially in the area of domain names and websites where every one was trying to stake their claim. But how do you manage a business through the down times, and come out the other end shining? In fact, in 2012, Netregistry is now Australia’s most trusted provider of online services.

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#86 How to build a multi-million dollar online business.

Danial Ahchow founded Service Central in 2005 and has built it to become Australia’s leading online marketplace for finding all sorts of service providers. This online business now hosts millions of visitors and generates hundreds of millions of dollars of work requests each year.

Listen in as Danial takes us on the journey of where the idea came from and how he managed to bring it to life after quitting his day job as an Industrial Relation lawyer and cleaning office buildings in order to pay the bills.

PLUS I welcome into the Small Business Big Marketing community my new sponsor Netregistry who are the experts when it comes to sorting small businesses out with all your online marketing needs. Exciting times, folks!