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#79 The episode where Lukeee drops some sad news.

Sadly, Lukeee’s hanging up the boots. Calling it quits. Moving on. Nothing lasts forever and it’s been a sensational 79 episodes with one of my best mates. But family commitments, full-time work and life generally can get in the way of producing a regular show. That said, don’t despair too much – he will be back next week for a final episode, plus he’ll make the odd guest host appearance over the coming weeks, months and years.

Small Business Big Marketing isn’t going anywhere, there’s far too many marketing gems still to be uncovered, spectacular marketers to be interviewed and knowledge to be shared. So, despite the melancholy nature of this episode we still turn your marketing light on …

How to market alcohol - hana tolhoek

#77 What happens when passion takes over.

Hana Tolhoek is building an empire one bottle of premium spirit at a time. As the creator of Strom, a high end spirit retailing at $110 per bottle, Hana is a true marketing go-getter, driven by a true passion for what she does. A modest marketing budget hasn’t stopped her from associating with the helicopter fraternity, getting in front of the top 100 bar tenders in Australia and exploring export opportunities globally.

Plus we give a listener some advice on how to get off the tools (well, rolling pin!) and the Prof introduces us to the concept of simultaneous media consumption.

LinkedIn for business. linkedin marketing

#74 LinkedIn’s MD On How To Use LinkedIn For Business.

Cliff Rosenberg, Managing Director of LinkedIn Australasia, has a chat to us about his top LinkedIn business tips for marketing your small business and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. If you’re like us, you receive emails each week from someone somewhere requesting to get connected via LinkedIn. Listen to what Cliff has to say and you’ll know whether to accept them and what to do with them. It’s all about how to use LinkedIn to build your business.

PLUS we tackle a great listener question about how best to promote a struggling business.