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250 – Long live the marketing crazies

What do a condom marketer, an ex Aussie Rules football legend, the vice-captain of the Australian Soduko team and an engineer turned YouTube star with ADHD have in common? They’re all very clever marketers building solid businesses, and they’ve been past guests on this show.

With 250 episodes now under my belt, I thought it time that we start to revisit some of those episodes and pull out some of the learnings that you may have forgotten or are yet to hear.

So, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Enjoy ?

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will it blend?

#114 Will It Blend? That is the question!

Tom Dickson is the star of the most famous series of viral marketing videos ever. He is also the founder and CEO of the company Blendtec, which makes the blenders that his crazy videos are intended to sell. In this wonderful fireside chat, Tom takes us deep inside the Will It Blend tent, explaining where the idea came from, how it’s had a dramatic impact on sales (it increased sales 1,000% from the first video!), how they make the videos and so much more. This is a wonderful story of a big idea and marketing courage that continues to result in a big pay off. Enjoy!

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