This is My Life’s Tony Knight hated business until he found his passion | #494

This is My Life’s Tony Knight hated business until he found his passion | #494

Do you want to start a venture close to your heart?

If you’re going to build a business with a value proposition that resonates with your clients—your pitch, your objective and your target audience will be crucial to your success. Family legacy producer Tony Knight pursued a job that he loves, and it made all the difference in his life. You can do the same, too.

In today’s episode, Tony joins us to talk about his startup journey in chronicling other people’s lives through film. He also shares the marketing strategies that he uses in reaching out to potential clients.

This episode is especially helpful for those who wish to turn their passion into a business. Sit back, relax, and make sure that you tune in to the show to know how you, too, can choose and thrive in doing the job that you love.

About today’s guest Tony Knight


Tony Knight is the Managing Director of This Is My Life where he and his team create a highly personal and individual history of clients’ lives, which generations to come can see. They create a professional and artistic record of life moments that individuals and family alike will embrace forever. He is also the principal photographer and image-maker of his studio, Tony Knight Photography.

You can connect with Tony Knight through:

This Is My Life’s LinkedIn
This Is My Life’s website
This Is My Life’s Facebook

To inquire about their services, you may call (03) 8786 1919 or 0417 588 722.

What we discussed in episode 494


  • The importance of documenting everything
  • Dealing with turning points in the business
  • Pursuing your gut feeling
  • Learning to build up equity in past experiences
  • The birth of This Is My Life
  • Creating a family legacy through his business
  • The filming process: getting to know the client, gathering photos and videos, building a timeline, and asking questions
  • How did choosing to do a job he loves change his outlook in life?
  • The beauty of the industry: hiring skilled freelancers and subcontractors
  • Marketing with SEO and social platforms
  • The best and worst marketing
  • What clients are looking for

This week’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers


That’s it for this interview with Tony Knight! I’d like to share what grabbed my attention while chatting with Tony.

  1. I think there’s a great lesson in what Tony shared about knowing when it’s time to get out of what you’re doing and chase something that will set your heart on fire.
  2. I love how he sought some PR on radio station 3AW. Also, I do think he should consider taking up some advertising at the same station. (For more radio advertising insights, check out this episode with Dan Presser of Sunraysia Prune Juice.)
  3. I love how he actively sought out training on SEO. It shows his respect for marketing. (Although I’d prefer he outsources it—more about that in an upcoming episode.)


This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner

Congratulations to Nicholas Paton, an electrician and the owner of Plateau Electrical.






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