A Letter To My Listeners – February 2013

Hi there …

Timbo here from Australia’s #1 marketing show.

Boy is there plenty of marketing gold floating around the Small Business Big Marketing HQ at present.

Thought it was time to share it round.

Learnings from recent episodes …

Episode 124 – Sam Keck of The Commonfolk Coffee Company has just opened up a very cool cafe in a not so cool industrial estate. And he’s crushing it. Or should that be grinding it?! Listen in as this ex Marine Zoologist spills the beans (sorry ;0) PLUS hear from a recent guest who had a big win as a result of appearing on my show. Listen in.

Commonfolk Coffee Company

Episode 122 – Four years ago George Ryan was earning ten bucks an hour carting wood to support his wife and child. Now he owns and runs a six figure business. He’s also crushing it. Listen in to fing out how.

“But I still haven’t fond what I’m looking for!” No worries, Bono … then check out the complete catalogue – Small Business Big Marketing episodes 1 to 124. Boom!


I won’t be covering the iArm …


I know, I know. Disappointing!

However, if you register at the webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, March 7 you’ll get to hear Andrew Griffiths and I share ten ways small business can make better use of technology – with a bent towards tablet devices.

Register here in 10 seconds (you’ll be sent the recording if you can’t make it … and get to ask questions if you can. That’s what I call a win/win!).


My show is being scribed for your viewing pleasure …

Some like to listen. Others like to look. If you’re looker, then you’re going to love the scribes that Jessamy Gee from Think In Colour is doing of selected episodes of my show. The one below is of the recent fireside chat I had with Pinterest expert Jason Miles. How cool do they look? And very shareable. Go on … share it. I dare you!

Think in Colour_Jason Miles_Pinterest_web


“Hey Timbo, what works on Facebook?!”

A lot of small business owners ask me about social media. How does Twitter work? Should I be on YouTube? What works on Facebook? Well, there all very big questions and I promise that as the year progresses we’ll cover them in detail plus more. However, what I can tell you is that unusually shaped sausages work very well on Facebook. I posted this on the Small Business Big Marketing Facebook recently and it got a lot of love, quickly!


On a serious note in regards to what works on social media? You being yourself, that’s what works … Remember, social media is just people having conversations online. And that applies to B2B and B2C.


Need some online marketing lerv?

I mean love? If so, and you’re in or near Melbourne then I strongly suggest you get along to hear Sam Shetty from Netregistry talk about online marketing strategies for small business. It’s happening in Melbourne on April 16, is just $199 and there’s less than 20 seats available at the time of writing. Sam’s a great communicator and knows his online stuff like I know … um, what makes a great donut ;0) Grab a seat now.


Got a marketing question that’s keeping you up at night?

Well, you can do one of a few things. Two of which I can help you with. Send me a question and I may be able to tackle it on the show. Or join the Small Business Big Marketing Forum which will be open for business in the next couple of weeks. A members only site, I will be in there every day answering questions and chatting with listeners. Monthly membership will be more expensive than a cup of coffee and cheaper than you think. Stay tuned for details in the coming days.


[Note – I did a Google search to find a pic that would be relevant to the headline and this came up. Not exactly on brief, but how could I resist it?!]

Righto. Enough from me. Thanks a million for tuning in to Australia’s #1 marketing show. See you next time.



Timbo Reid

Founder & Host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show.



























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