#48 Lessons from a marketing action taker.

#48 Lessons from a marketing action taker.

In this episode of Small Business Big Marketing we share seven ways to create more time to market your business PLUS we’re rejoined by our second guest ever – Darren Finkelstien of St.Kilda Boat Sales. Darren’s high on energy and on taking serious action in marketing his business. He’s one of those business owners who literally roles up his sleeves and gets things done. Listen in as Darren shares what marketing he’s implemented since we last caught up with him two years ago.

And we’ve decided to turn our 50th episode over to you – our treasured listener. All you need do is email us your recorded answer to the question “So, what do you do?” We’ll play it on episode 50 and the most engaging response will win a free lifetime membership to the Small Business Big Marketing Academy.

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