358 – How understanding your customers needs helped Justin Hale grow Camplify to 20,000 members in just two years.

358 – How understanding your customers needs helped Justin Hale grow Camplify to 20,000 members in just two years.

Want to understand your customers so well that your marketing talks directly to them? That’s what Justin Hale, founder of Camplify (think Airbnb for campervans), has done in order to build a membership base of 20,000 in just over two years … with a valuation close to 8-figures.

OK, today’s successful business owner is Justin Hales, and he’s the founder of Camplify, which is the AirBnB for caravans and RVs. He’s also another cubicle escapee who’s now livin’ the dream running his own business.

In just two years, Camplify has a valuation nearing 8-figures, and is about to enter the UK and German markets.

One of the keys to Camplify’s success has been getting crystal clear on who their customers are, so we talk a lot about how and why all businesses should do that, plus we geek out over automation funnels, customer experience and Justin has a great view on competition.  


In episode 358 you’ll discover:

  • How Justin escaped the corporate cubicle and started Camplify
  • How he validated his business idea
  • The key to understanding your customers needs
  • How to get clear on your customer personas (you can have more than one)
  • Why & how to create marketing automation funnels
  • The role of an on-boarding process in creating an unforgettable customer experience


Here’s my Top 3 Attention Grabbers from the chat with Camplify’s Justin Hale:

  1. Get crystal clear on your customer personas. This is invaluable work that not enough business owners do. Justin posed some great questions that you should be answering; plus there’s an entire thread inside the Small Business Big Marketing Forum detailing another 11 questions to help you get maximum clarity.
  2. Create marketing automation funnels. Whilst they can sound a little scary and complicated, there’s plenty of software out there that make it easy. Justin mentioned Autopilot, I use Active Campaign … I’ll drop links in the show notes to both.
  3. “Competition makes you a better business.” I hear this a lot from successful business owners. And I also subscribe to it … podcasting has become super competitive in the past 12-months with some really big names entering the space. All it’s done is motivate me to constantly improve the content I share and improve on my production values.


But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, you’ll also learn:

  • About online personal newspaper Flipboard from our resident productivity expert Dale Beaumont
  • How to use scarcity to sell more
  • And we revisit an interview with celebrity personal trainer Michelle Bridges


Links & Resources mentioned:



How to create scarcity in business

Email Countdown Timer

Michelle Bridges interview

Active Campaign


The Boomerang Effect


And this show is made possible thanks to:

Dale Beaumont’s 52 Ways – An amazing free 1-day live event for business owners where you’ll discover 52 ways to boost your business profits. Seats are limited. Book now.


If something in this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing podcast peaked your interest, then let’s chat about it. Leave your thoughts  below.

May your marketing be the best marketing.

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2 thoughts on “358 – How understanding your customers needs helped Justin Hale grow Camplify to 20,000 members in just two years.”

  1. So cool! Great episode. I had the opportunity to talk with a member of the Camplify team by being a member of the SBBM forum. Great group of guys. Thanks for the connection Timbo! My learning curve is steep, but this is helping.

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