[UPDATE] Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson on business growth through these challenging times | #541

[UPDATE] Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson on business growth through these challenging times | #541

If you love hearing from eccentric, passionate, incredibly smart business owners about how they made a million bucks then you’re going to love this inspiring update from past guest and Flow Hive founder Cedar Anderson. It’s a sticky episode 541 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A Little More About Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson …

Cedar Anderson is the inventor of a revolutionary beekeeping slash honey making contraption called Flow Hive.

Basically, it’s a beehive designed to allow honey to flow simply by turning  a lever. The hive doesn’t have to be opened and the bees are never disturbed for it to work.

Apparently, and I’m no beekeeper, it’s revolutionary … or a major “disruptor” as us marketers like to say!

Cedar first appeared on the show a couple of years ago where he explained amongst other things how this 3rd generation Byron Bay hippy became a multi-millionaire, and how his crowd-funding campaign not only raised a bucket load of dough, but crashed the Indiegogo site multiple times!

I happened to be in Byron Bay just last week, and I know how much you guys love updates from some of the amazing founders I’ve interviewed over the years, so I gave Cedar a buzz (oops, Bee joke!) and asked if I could pop over to see if business was still flying (sorry!).

What I love about Cedar is his clear thinking, his absolute passion for what he’s doing and his eccentricity. Just like last time we did the interview in his beekeeping suit closet. But unlike last time where Cedar simply walked in to work, this time he flew in. On a paraglider! (Check the video below).

I started off by asking Cedar to explain what he flew to work in … and why?!



Here’s Cedar arriving at the interview!



Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with Flow Hive’s Cedar Anderson …

  1. I love his eccentricity.
  2. I love his work / life balance.
  3. I love his considered nature.

Last Week’s Episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

Episode 540 – The hidden ways marketing reshapes your brain with neuromarketing Professor Prince Ghuman


Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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