Making it easy for people to buy from you with Pricing Tables

Before launching the the Facebook Pages for Business product, I went in search of a digital product delivery system that would allow us to sell protected PDF ebook downloads.

The two providers I came across were E-Junkie and DPD (Digital Product Delivery). As with all discerning consumers, I checked out their Pricing pages to see how much of my hard earned I was going to have to part with to use their service.

Here’s what their respective pricing tables look like:


e-junkie pricing table
e-Junkie Pricing Table


Digital Product Delivery
Digital Product Delivery Pricing Widget

Click in the images to see the full pricing page.

Who do you recon I ended up testing out? Yep, DPD. You know I didn’t even bother comparing prices – I went with DPD because:

  1. They made it easy for me to do business with them.
  2. I know their product is going to be much easier to use than e-junkie, simple because their front end website is.

“Don’t make me think!” is such a good motto to keep in mind when designing your offering.



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