What makes for a highly effective marketing course?

The first (of many) Small Business Big Marketing Intensives was on last week…and it was a hands-down success…thanks in no small part to each and every small business owner who was interested in discovering how to get more customers.

Those who attended really were amazing…and it made for a very unique experience…one which I’m very proud of to have instigated and been a part of.

However, the magic didn’t stop there. Here’s another 7 reasons why this 2-day course was so effective:

  1. It was jam-packed with content…not to the point of overflowing….but certainly to the point where there was something for everyone.
  2. The content itself was fresh…sometimes we must remind ourselves that just because we know something, doesn’t mean the rest of the world does.
  3. No topic was presented for more than 45-minutes…so you didn’t have to wait very long for the next marketing nugget to be shared.
  4. There was a Hot Seat…an opportunity for anyone in the room to share a marketing issue and have solutions put forward in real-time.
  5. All speakers had done their research on who was in room…which meant the content was relevant and pitched at exactly the right level.
  6. The room itself was conducive to wanting to be there…good light, a nice view, plenty of space and great acoustics.
  7. And everyone got the opportunity to ask as many questions as they needed…meaning no stone was left unturned.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I’d love you to come to the next Smal Business Big Marketing Intensive. Just as importantly, I’d like you to head these learning’s if you ever intend running a course of your own.

Finally, how do I know the Intensive was effective? Well, I sent a Survey Monkey to all attendess two-days later…I had a 95% response rate with highly constructive feedback. Oh, and 100% of them said they’d tell others about it in a heart beat.

Feel free to have a sticky beak here…there’s lots of pics on our Facebook.

Do you have any tips for running a course?

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  1. Yeah! Somebody can use these tips for his business! I tried some tips and I hope everything will go in a right flow. Best luck for us!

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