Where’s your weakest link?

Every business has a weak link.

The other day my dishwasher stopped working.

I quickly got online and found the number to call for service. It was a great, simple to navigate website.

I phoned and was immediately told I was the fourth caller in the cue. All good.

Whilst on-hold, the recorded message told me how much the service call would be. Tick.

Ten minutes later I spoke to a real, friendly person who gave me some over the phone trouble-shooting tips and then booked me in for a service in five days time.

She advised me to expect a call the night before from the technician who would give me an arrival time the following day. Loving it!

Oops…here comes the weakest link…No call from the technician. Damn, it was going so beautifully.

Having a weak link is OK in itself as long as you know it exists and how to fix it.

So, what’s the weakest link that’s stopping your business over-delivering?

And what ya goin’ to do about it?

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