Why creativity in business is so important with restaurateur Howin Chui | # 619

Why creativity in business is so important with restaurateur Howin Chui | # 619

I’m about to say one of the scariest (and I think) most exciting words in business. Are you ready? Creativity. You see, when you spend quality time thinking differently about your business, amazing things happen, the least of which is that you create a solid point-of-difference. But don’t take my word for it … Let’s hear from one of Sydney’s leading new restaurateurs for whom creativity is his super power. It’s a scary episode 619 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast with Tim Reid.


A little more about Sydney restaurateur Howin Chui …


Firstly, a quick rant on creativity.

Having spent the first half of my career in the Account Service department of large advertising agencies looking after big brands like Gillette, Yellow Pages & Dulux, I quickly learnt about the power of creative thinking. About the power a big idea can have on a business’s growth and success.

In fact, sitting at the top of every client invoice was a cost centre titled Concept Development. This was the amount the client paid for their Creative Team to sit around and come up with ideas in response to a brief.

And despite working in agencies where there were entire floors dedicated to Creative folk – art directors, copywriters, graphic designers – I also learnt that every single one of us is creative. You don’t need to be in the Arts to be creative. 

Whether you’re an accountant, a builder, or you run an eCommerce store, you just need to find the time, regularly, to think differently about all aspects of your business. How you market it. How you employ. How you entertain. How you manage the finances.

Make this part of how you do business, and you’ll be in the successful minority of business owners who’ve cracked the creative code to standing out from the crowd, and creating a business people love to deal with.

Entrepreneur Howin Chui is in this club. He’s the quirky restaurateur behind Ni Hao Bar, Kowloon Cafe and Stir Fry King … very hip, very sought after Sydney-based eateries.

As Howin says, ““The food world isn’t just about the food quality; you need to create a feeling, a sensory experience .. you need to think differently. It’s about your customers wanting to be a part of an experience they can talk about to friends and share online.”

Now, Howin’s slightly nervous at the start of our chat, but trust me when I say persevere, as he shares some absolute gold about his respect for creativity in business, and most importantly, how he does it.

And just when you think he’s nothing more to share, near the end he shares his next business venture, which is absolutely genius!


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