You Are Who Google Says You Are!

Sad perhaps, but true.  And let’s face it, it’s page 1 of Google that really counts.  That’s why using the SEO power of LinkedIn for business development is a tool that only a madman would not consider using.

Building your small business brand has many aspects.  You, and you alone, create the look, content and image of that brand.  But when it comes to getting that message out to the public, then the ability to piggyback on the success of others is something that the savvy entrepreneur takes full advantage of.

In regards to LinkedIn, this is all about using the website to your personal advantage.

The great thing about LinkedIn marketing is that the site has a great deal of kudos with Google.  With only a small amount of effort, you can utilize this power to help get your business brand right up there, on that all important first page.

And that starts with filling out your profile.  Yes, we know that you’ve got a million and one other things to do, and creating a decent profile takes time.  But this is one area where investing some of those precious hours really will be returned to you threefold.  Not to mention that for the basic package, and one that will suit many small businesses, is free!  (A word sure to put a smile on the face of any person agonising over their advertising budget).

Profile, Recommendations and Key Words

The more complete and relevant your profile is, the more chance you have of high ranking search listings.  A good LinkedIn profile includes the following:

  • A great summary.  Short, concise and explaining exactly what it is that your business offers.
  • Key skills and achievements.  Goes without saying that this is one place where you should definitely be blowing your own trumpet.
  • Key words.  Spend some time to discover the key search words used by potential customers looking for your line of business.  Incorporate these crucial words into your LinkedIn summary – and give the search engines that much needed helping hand to find you.
  • Recommendations.  One of the most powerful tools offered by LinkedIn.  When another LinkedIn member can vouch for what you and your company can offer, this is one of the very best forms of advertising you can ask for.  Not to mention that it’s fully trackable, and any potential customer can see who’s providing the recommendation.

If you’ve not checked out your business or personal name on Google lately, then do so right now.  And if your image is not one of complete professionalism, and exactly what you want to showcase to the world, then you need to leap into action.

It’s your business, it’s your image and ultimately, it’s your profits.  So start ‘telling’ Google what you’re all about, instead of letting a computer make all the choices…

4 thoughts on “You Are Who Google Says You Are!”

  1. I will give this some time and see what comes of it. I take SEO to heart so this is well received. Thank you 🙂

  2. I will give this some time and see what comes of it. I take SEO to heart so this is well received. Thank you 🙂

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