Fit Dad Lifestyle’s Leroy Faure is big on community building | #553

Fit Dad Lifestyle’s Leroy Faure is big on community building | #553

Differentiating your business from all the others out there is no mean feat. Sure you can be the cheapest … but we all know where that leads! Or you can offer a more extensive range of products or services, but your competitors will soon catch on to that as well. But businesses that build engaged communities of raving fans are much harder to compete with. Today’s guest, Leroy Four of Fit Dad Lifestyle has done just that. It’s a community-minded episode 553 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A Little More About Fit Dad Lifestyle’s Leroy Faure …

Leroy Four is the founder of Fit Dad Lifestyle, a global community supporting men throughout their fatherhood journey. 

Prior to that, Leroy was in the Australian Army for 6-years, launched and sold a fitness bootcamp business in sunny Noosa Heads, as well as running International Fitness Holidays where he’d take groups of men on personal development adventures to places like Bali, Thailand and Everest base Camp.

If you’re keen to build a community of your own then you’ll love this chat.

Leroy’s business isn’t huge just yet … he’s got 4,000 Dads in his community, and he’s turned over $220,000 in the last 9-months.

What I like though is how he’s in no hurry to build his empire … he’s doing it methodically through an engaged facebook group, a podcast, eBooks and a range of supplements that he’s only recently launched.

Oh and BTW, the audio quality in the first 5-minutes is bearable but gets a whole lot better once I ask him to change mics.

I started off by asking Leroy about his time in the Army …




Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with Fit Dad Lifestyle’s Leroy Faure …


Leroy Faure Fit Dad Lifestyle


  1. I love how Leroy just started providing quality information in order to build his community. It’s what my book The Boomerang Effect is about – Like I say on the cover … Why being helpful in your marketing returns you more customers and makes you more money.
  2. I love Leroy’s phrase The University of YouTube. We can all benefit from it … both by finding tutorials and how-to videos to help us solve a problem … plus, as a business owner or marketer, you should be creating these types of videos. They’re great at helping you rank well, plus they’ll help your prospects make a more informed purchase decision, often in your favor.
  3. I love how Leroy took soul-searching trips overseas in order to get his mindset right. We all need to do a bit of that … When was the last time you found some quiet time to reflect, re-energise and get creative?



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