248 – From idea to a global business in 2.5 years … Flip Out’s Brent Grundy explains how he did it.

248 – From idea to a global business in 2.5 years … Flip Out’s Brent Grundy explains how he did it.

An even better title for today’s episode is How to get shi* done. Today’s guest, Brent Grundy of global trampoline playground franchise Flip Out, turned an idea in to a $40M business in just 2.5 years, employing 800 staff across 13 countries in 34 locations. Oh, and just before that … he was near broke.

Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the virus of fear (it’s contagious, you know!)
  • How to take action and get shit done
  • How to create an unstoppable momentum to move your business forward
  • How to use your network to open your business beyond your country’s shores
  • The power of franchising to exponentially grow your business
  • Plus so much more marketing gold, you’ll need to listen twice

Plus I share some emails from other listeners (just like you) who have rolled up their sleeves and are getting their marketing sorted. Big time!

Yep, it’s another big episode to add to The Small Business Big Marketing Show’s archives.




Episode Timeline


  • 00:59  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 02:46  Insights in to 99designs from their CEO, Patrick Llewelyn
  • 03:44  A quick check-in to see how business is going
  • 06:55  Insights in to Netregistry from their CMO, Verity Meagher
  • 08:38  Testimonial from Forum Member Matt at Kinetics Connect
  • 09:43  I introduce Brent Grundy of Flip Out
  • 10:51  Interview with Brent Grundy
  • 38:43  My top 3 learnings from my interview with Brent Grundy
  • 40:15  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 40:26 I share an email from listener Meilee Anderswon of Mt Rainier Scenic Railway Museum
  • 43:14  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest



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My Top 3 Marketing Tips from my chat with Brent Grundy:


  1. Beware of those with the virus of fear. They have the power to stop you moving forward at every turn. Plus, it’s contagious. Beware of it in your self, your staff, your suppliers, family and even friends.
  2. Don’t look at fines or penalties as a reason not to do something. At least consider the idea of copping them, and factoring them in to your pricing until you come up with a better solution.
  3. “If you’re not on the bus, you’re under it, because we’re not stopping.” There’s something to be said about creating an unstoppable forward momentum in order to grow your business fast. Take no prisoners!



Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week

“’The yes’s built my business. The no’s built my character.”



Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.

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29 thoughts on “248 – From idea to a global business in 2.5 years … Flip Out’s Brent Grundy explains how he did it.”

  1. Anthony Murphy

    TIMBO! What an interview! How good a bloke is Brent! I already admire the bloke just from listening to him for 30 mins and its got nothing to do with making $40 mill in 2.5 years! He just sounds like a real down to earth genuine guy that is looking out for others and wants them to have a good time! Great interview mate! Keep the inspiration and GOLD coming!

  2. Thanks VP, yes, episode 80 is a good way to get back to a bit of GSD. Also the Michelle Bridges episode. I wonder if your lack of GSD can be linked back to your Forum departure? ;0)

  3. I really question the idea that you should never take your foot off the accelerator. Massive effort on its own is useless, there are loads of businesses that fail and not for want of trying. What’s the point of running a successful business if you can never relax (or is that a four letter word now Tim????!)

  4. Relax is a five letter word, Harriet ;0) Personally, I’d find it hard to never take the foot off the accelerator #burnout However, there are some business owners who don’t know any different – for some it’s their way of achieving success – they love going 100Km/h every day. Horses for course, I guess. Thanks so much for your contribution. #appreciated

  5. Great show Tim.
    We certainly see in our vet practices how taking your foot off the accelerator can affect things down the line. We push hard, growth happens, we get busy so marketing drops off, we plateau, we decide to push again, cycle continues.
    It’s great to have these GSD interviews. It inspires me to crack on with that to do list.
    I love that your show talks a lot about client retention as well as the front end marketing stuff. We’ve certainly found that since addressing our leaky bucket with targeted marketing we’ve grown faster and are going from strength to strenght.
    Keep up the good work Tim. I love listening to the show.

  6. Thanks Braden. Chuffed you’re getting so much value from my show. You know, it’s a funny thing, but too often we (business owners) focus on marketing’s front end, however, it’s the client retention end that can yield some solid (on-going) results. Great point.

  7. Hi Tim, after I messaged you I thought a bit more and I realised there is a difference between consistency and burnout which is the difference between doing 16 hour days (= burnout) and being able to take a holiday but keeping your business moving forward. Long term planning. I also am reminded of Seth Godin’s thing about “What is hard work?” As in sometimes it’s about doing the scary things (like getting PR) as opposed to grafting 24/7. Love your show by the way, it always raises my spirits in this sometimes lonely life of the solopreneur. My two favourite shows have been the guy with the sharpie on the plane idea and the video bloke who said to send personalised videos to people. I’ve just started doing exactly that and I’ll report back. Cheers mate and you always put a smile in MY dial Timbo!

  8. Great show Tim,
    Loved the quote about the putting up fences (not walls) – could totally relate to this. Amazing achievement with putting a trampoline in Afghanistan. In the business of smiles and happiness (such much gold and inspiration form this episode). Thanks

  9. Thanks Harriet. You refer to Steve Sims and Charles Badenach episodes. Both are rippers – they shared some great ideas. I wish you much success as you implement those learnings. Go!

  10. Tim great show as always. It’s funny that I heard the interview only a day before I was sitting in a cafe and the family next to me was talking about how they had just been to flip out and how it was awesome, they were talking to some friends and we’re basically saying you absolutely have to go, it was great.

  11. There’s a bit of woo-woo marketing, right there, Adam! I hoped you piped up and told them to tune in to the show ;0)

  12. I liked the business story, but who does he target and how is he marketing this? We have similar places here in the states, and I am wondering how it is similar and different.

  13. Ah damn it -_- I didn’t speak up, I was actually trying to login in to disqus to leave this comment in that actual moment… 🙁

  14. Chris Sullivan

    This episode made me realise that I really do need to #GSD. I am sometimes way too busy working in my business, and not enough time working on it. I listen to your podcasts, and all the while think….oh yeah, I could totally do that, ill do that today. Then the phone rings, and it’s off to a job. I related to this interview due to having a crack, just like Brent. I was knocked back a lot in the start, everyone said “don’t bother, its way too hard”. So now I have started http://www.yourlocaltyretruck.com.au , getting some sales and interest, but most of all, I am being helpful to people who need a problem solved. Timbo taught me that. Thanks to this interview and many other podcasts of yours Timbo, I am really going to show the naysayers….I got shi* done!

  15. Chris, thanks for your honesty, buddy. I love it. I fully encourage you to GSD. Now. No more thinking about it. I say it time and time again, but it’s true – marketing magic is so often in the implementation – because without implementation, everything remains just a good idea. If you want some support and accountability, then join my Forum. Cheers brother.

  16. Hey Timbo
    I loved listening to this Podcast so much I listened to it twice. Brent – your an amazing ‘doer’ and I absolutley loved it when you said “Try to stay humble, because people will respect you for your humility rather than for your money”. That resonates with me so much and I think it shows Integrity in a business that you can be who you really are regardless of your income – will done 🙂

  17. There’s magic in the action, Rossy. Add a dash of humility and I reckon any business owner is on to something. Brent certainly is.

  18. Hi Timbo! Favourite interview mate!! Shared with my wife and my business partner. What a top bloke Brent is! So many good things to take away from this, but think the biggest one that sticks with me is to make sure I am never the fear guy, and to let those who are go. Thanks so much for interviewing him and thanks Brent for sharing your heart, which is absolute gold. You are a legend.

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