Why you should give your tribe a free branded T-shirt

Today’s idea is to give away a free branded T-shirt.

The word “free” is one of the most persuasive and powerful words in the English language. I mean Free Beer has to be one of the great headlines, right?!

cool business t-shirts
ZenDesk have a very cool T

In business, FREE is a great word to use in your marketing. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting free stuff?! One of the best and easiest ways you can build brand awareness, boost customer loyalty, and generate more enquiry is by giving away free company swag. But take note: not all swag is created equal. Do not make the mistake of wasting money on stuff that the average person ultimately just ends up throwing into a junk drawer like notepads, pens, stress balls, etc.

Give away free t-shirts instead. Why? Because people will actually wear them.

Here’s my 3-steps to creating a rock-star T:

  1. Create a few initial design options. Once you’ve decided on a final design, have your first batch of Ts made and sent to you using an online retailer or local print shop. Just Google online T shirt printer.
  2. Start sending or giving your new t-shirts out to friends, prospects, social media followers, customers, and anyone else who requests one. And if you want to go the extra mile, then automate the entire process using a website like Printfection, who manage and distribute business’s promotional merch.
  3. Follow up with everyone and ask them to send you photos of themselves wearing your t-shirt, or have them share it with you on Facebook or Instagram. Collect the photos and put them on a page on your website.

Pro-Tip: Nail your design. And pick a cool looking T.  Remember, you want people to wear it, right?

cool business T-shirts
I like MailChimp’s T

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So … what have you got to lose?!

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1 thought on “Why you should give your tribe a free branded T-shirt”

  1. Thanks for the Printfection shout-out! If anyone has questions on our platform I’d be happy to answer them for you personally. This type of marketing really does work. Maybe it’s a 9 or 10 NPS survey response, a customer who went above and beyond trying to help you squash a bug, a customer who hit their one-year anniversary, etc.

    Sending something physical in the post really helps your business stand out from the competition!


    Casey Schorr
    Co-founder, Printfection

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