323 – How To Disrupt Any Industry with Dominic Holland from Tow.com.au

323 – How To Disrupt Any Industry with Dominic Holland from Tow.com.au

Every industry is ripe for disruption. That’s the view of today’s guest, 29 year-old Dominic Holland of tow.com.au. Launched just two years ago, tow.com.au has completely disrupted the long-established and tightly held towing industry. The business did 7-figure revenues in year one and grew in year two by 350%. Listen in as Dom explains how to disrupt any industry.

The amazing thing is, software engineer Dom, knew nothing about towing. What he did understand was that technology is shaking the foundations of every industry. That every industry has massive potential, and it’s just about working up the right model that delivers customers what they want, and makes it incredibly easy for them to use you.

Dom himself was last year awarded Queensland’s Young Entrepreneur of the year, and recently won the New Business Category at the 2016 Telstra Business Awards.

I gotta tell ya, this chat is dripping with marketing gold, as Dom explains:

  1. How and why to disrupt your industry
  2. A pro-tip for ensuring your website converts visitors to buyers
  3. A simple hack to automating those annoying tasks in your business
  4. Why Google Adwords is better than trying to rank organically
  5. And so much more…. Seriously, hit pause and grab your journal.

You know, there was so many learnings in this interview that I’ve captured them all in this blog post How a very disruptive business did 7-figure revenues in year one – with Dominic Holland of Tow.com.au.

Plus I share a voicemail I received from a listener and very motivated business owner who read The Boomerang Effect recently, and has seen some outstanding results in his business.

Enjoy this one … and remember, there’s magic in taking action.



01:42  Welcome & overview
03:04  Check in
04:37  Listener case study
06:30  Today’s guest introduction – Dom Holland of tow.com.au
08:03  Interview with Dom Holland
46:51 Insights in to WebCentral & Designcrowd
48:52  My top 3 attention grabbers from my chat with Dom Holland
51:05  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guest



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  1. Don’t think disrupting your industry is only for the big players – the Ubers and Virgins and Tesla’s of the world. Look for ways to disrupt your own industry. As Dom said “Every industry has massive potential for disruption. It’s just about finding the best model for delivering the best customer experience.”
  2. “All your website visitors are looking for the same thing. Give it to them immediately.” So get crystal clear on what that thing is for your business, and make sure your website delivers on it upfront. And if you need help, contact WebCentral.
  3. Embrace change. The marketing world has changed so much in the past month, the past 6-months and certainly the past twelve months. And the changes we’re seeing are playing right in to the hands of you and I … small business owners with modest marketing budgets. So embrace this change, instead of letting it freak you out.



What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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9 thoughts on “323 – How To Disrupt Any Industry with Dominic Holland from Tow.com.au”

  1. Jason Nicholson

    Great interview Timbo with Dominics business model how does he choose who gets the tow job when he has 4 to choose from in one town?

    And how does he charge is it a percentage on what ever the towing company charge or a flat rate?

    Found this interesting because we sub contract out work to different inspectors but they all charge different so it is sometimes a back and forth process need to get it automated!

    All the best Jason

  2. Hi @disqus_4angNfCOaO:disqus , our automated dispatch software automatically selects the sub-contractor based upon who is geographically closest, available, licensed and with suitable equipment to perform the tow.

    We have an agreed commission structure in place with our sub-contractors, enabling us to offer consistent pricing to our clients anywhere in the country.


  3. Great episode @timboreid thanks also goes to @dom for putting it all out there. Heaps of gold dripping from this one… I have taken heaps of notes to apply to my own business!

  4. Thanks @adventuresbeyondgroup:disqus – I so appreciate your support over the years. Let’s see what Dom has to say re the software.

  5. Hey Luke, thanks for the interest.

    At this stage we aren’t looking into utilising/licensing the software outside of the towing or very closely related industry vertical.

    I do see lots of industries with similar practical applications; however, just not looking to deviate from our core strategy at this point.

  6. adventuresbeyondgroup

    Thank you for getting back to me Dom, not a problem. Great story anyway and best of luck. Thanks, Luke

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