How to seriously increase your website’s traffic without paying for ads | #596

How to seriously increase your website’s traffic without paying for ads | #596

John Murphy is an Irish, animal lover living in Italy selling eBikes to hunters all over the world. Banned from Facebook Ads and Google Adwords despite spending tens of thousands of dollars with them, he urgently had to figure out another way to drive traffic to his drop-shipping business’s website. He did. And his six figure annual turnover quickly went to seven, with the majority of his sales coming from organic traffic.  Fortunately for you and I, John shares his secret sauces (yep, there’s more than one) with us today. It’s a stop-relying-on-Facebook-and-Google-ads episode 596 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Podcast. 


A little more about eBike Generation’s John Murphy …


Righto, let’s meet Irishman and animal lover John Murphy who lives in Italy selling eBikes to hunters! Yes, you heard right … An Irish, animal lover living in Italy selling eBikes to hunters all over the world. 

He started eBike Generation, an ecommerce drop-shipping store, back in 2017 in order to quit his corporate job at 3M and create a more independent lifestyle.

Things were going beautifully for a couple of years as John mastered the art of selling through Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Then, in just one week without any notice or explanation whatsoever, both Facebook and Google shut him out.

Following two solid days of freaking out, he picked himself up, and for the next few months went deep into how to get quality traffic and sales without spending even one dollar on pay-per-click advertising. 

Before applying his learnings, eBike Generation was doing around $300,000 a year. It’s now doing multiple seven figures with most of his sales coming through organic traffic efforts.

Thankfully for you and I, John has captured all his learnings in a fantastic course, and in the second half of this interview, he reveals some of his key learnings. If you can’t wait, then I won’t be offended if you grab John’s free traffic course now. It’s awesome. I’ve done it.

We start with John explaining how an animal lover came to sell eBikes to hunters!




Buy John’s online SEO course that shows you how to drive oodles of traffic to your website with zero advertising spend and receive a personalised 30-minute video where John will review your website and give tips on how to apply his proven traffic-generating strategy. Exclusive to listeners of this podcast 🙂


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