How to use live streaming to grow your business | #557

How to use live streaming to grow your business | #557

Today’s discussion may send chills down many a business owners’ spine. It involves being yourself in front of a live video audience. Otherwise known as live streaming. It’s a not-for-the-faint-hearted episode 557 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about live streamer Ruby Noosa …


Today you and I get schooled in the art of live video streaming by Italian chef Ruby Sillato, or as she likes to be called Ruby Noosa. Noosa being the beautiful seaside village where she lives.


Ruby started her live cooking show as a creative outlet at a time in her life when she was navigating her way through some deeply personal issues. As she says herself, she chose joy in building a community, instead of wallowing in her own self-pity.


Talking live with her followers over apps like Periscope and Facebook Live, Ruby shares recipes, stories and ideas from her home kitchen (along with the odd happy dance) that make her feel happy. 


As a result she’s created a community of tens of thousands of raving fans, who pay to watch her, and buy her merchandise. This is actually a great example of how to build a personal brand, and start a fun business from home.


Ruby’s also an advocate against domestic violence and online bullying.


Now, I did this interview about nine months ago so a few things have changed for Ruby since then.


She’s left Periscope where she had around 69,000 subscribers and moved across to the new live streaming platform in Happs.TV where she already has well over 90,000 fans. Her Insta following is now up to 18,000 and she’s smashing TikTok where she’s got 52,000 loyal viewers.


I started off by asking Ruby “What’s cooking?!” …




Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with live streamer Ruby Noosa …


  1. I was reminded by the power of live streaming, and whilst I get that it’s not new and there are many doing it, I can’t help but think that there’s a great opportunity for business owners just like you to use it as a way to engage with your precious customers and prospects.
  2. I admire Ruby’s confidence …. To live stream like she does is a big effort in itself, but factor in things like coming out of a difficult marriage, no media training whatsoever, she’s not technical by nature … then you start to see what a super job she’s done so far.
  3. I’m in total admiration for the way she manages the haters and the trolls she gets on her streams … which is a sad and inevitable part of sticking your head up online.



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