Making $400,000 on Instagram is the least interesting part of Erika Cramer’s amazing business journey | #564

Making $400,000 on Instagram is the least interesting part of Erika Cramer’s amazing business journey | #564

Today’s guest generated $400,000 in sales from Instagram over the past two years. But that’s the least interesting thing they’ve done. Intrigued? Excellent … so was I when I received her pitch. It’s an overly confident episode 564 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.



A little more about the Queen of Confidence Erika Cramer …


Before we meet today’s guest, a reminder that if you’re doing it tough right now in business and / or in life generally (and many are), then please reach out to a friend or connect with your local support service.

I say that because today’s guest Erika Cramer is a shining example of a business owner who’s experienced multiple tragedies, yet come out the other side in a way you could never imagine.

From childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster care system, multiple car accidents, being widowed and going through immense loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph … not to mention a business that is making a huge difference in the lives of many.

In this very candid chat, the Queen of Confidence (that what she calls herself plus it’s the name of her business):

  • Shares how she picked herself up and got on with building a life and business she loves
  • I throw a few business scenarios at her where our confidence is tested and she suggested how we best handle them
  • Plus she unpacks how she’s built a six-figure business during COVID … and she steps us through how she made $400,000 directly from Instagram in two years 

I started off asking Erika what gave her the confidence to be a world-leading confidence coach …



Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from his chat with the Queen of Confidence Erika Cramer …


  1. I love Erika’s overall life and business philosophy about stepping into service, as opposed to having your hard-arsed business hat on all the time.
  2. I love how she rings every one who buys from her. This may not always be possible if you own a business that has a high volume of sales; however, it’s still worth asking yourself the question “How can you acknowledge how grateful you are to each and every one of your customers?” Not only is this a solid marketing play, it also just feels good!
  3. I love how she talked about identifying where your ideal client hangs out online and then flooding them with content that they need.

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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.






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