NightQuarter’s Michelle Christoe lives and breathes only what she loves | #602

NightQuarter’s Michelle Christoe lives and breathes only what she loves | #602

Hey business owner. That’s you … Yeah, you! Today’s guest has one bit of advice for us all … ‘Live and breathe only what you love’. Heard it before? Me too! Thought it was a bit unrealistic? Me too!  Afterall, we’ve all got to make a quid. Well, we’re about to be proved wrong. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s a glass-half-full episode 602 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about NightQuarter’s Michelle Christoe

Michelle Christoe is the co-founder of NightQuarter, an immersive live entertainment precinct on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. NightQuarter is a massive outdoor space with food trucks, 6 stages for live performances attracting the likes of UB40 and James Reyne, there’s retail stores, plus Michelle caters for weddings, parties … anything really! But two things especially piqued my interest in wanting to chat with her. One is her unwavering philosophy around only doing what brings you joy … in business and life generally. And on a more practical level, I wanted to know how she overcame a cyber security attack when NighttQuarter’s Instagram – its number 1 form of marketing – was compromised in a very big way a few months ago. So let’s go and meet Michelle Christoe, where I kick things off sounding a little too envious!


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