4 ways the violin can help us create a marketing impact with Stephanie Scheller | #579

4 ways the violin can help us create a marketing impact with Stephanie Scheller | #579

Stephanie Scheller owns a marketing agency in Texas that teaches clients the not-so-subtle art of disruption. And guess how she does it? With a violin, of course! Yeah, with a squeaky little violin called Honey! It’s a wacky episode 579 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about marketing expert Stephanie Scheller …

Texas-based Stephanie Scheller loves small business.

She especially loves helping small businesses grow through smart marketing.

I’m in touch with that emotion!

However, where we differ is that Stephanie is a talented musician who uses the violin to tap into the psychology of business owners (just like you) to help them create an impact in sales, marketing and people management.

And she does that via these live events her agency puts on called Grow Disrupt.

So, I sat down with Steph to find out what we can learn from her love affair with the violin; and what better place to start than to find out where it all began …



Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Stephanie Scheller …


  1. I love how Stephanie uses the violin to draw business analogies so that we can all be better marketers. You might think it’s a gimmick, but using stories and (in Steph’s case) a musical instrument is a great point-of-difference for her business, and an effective way to get points across.
  2. I’m in awe of how Steph runs these live events with up to 1,000 bums on seats. That’s no mean feat, especially given these COVID-infected times!
  3. I love how she penalises any speaker at her events that decides to sell from stage.



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