From $100 beer garden to $100 million pub empire with Australia’s most innovative publican Stephen J Hunt | #590

From $100 beer garden to $100 million pub empire with Australia’s most innovative publican Stephen J Hunt | #590

I’ve always thought us business owners can learn so much from the hospitality industry, around customer service, customer experience, local area marketing and so much more. That’s why, when I heard about multi-million dollar publican, Stephen Hunt, who started his 7 hotel empire from his parents’ backyard, I just had to get him on the show. It’s episode 590, full of one-percenters, of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Australia’s most innovative publican Stephen J. Hunt  …


Stephen Hunt started his life in hospitality by setting up a $100 beer garden in his parents backyard.

Fast forward to today and that little beer garden is a $100 million dollar pub empire (Hunt Hospitality) with seven establishments up and down the NSW coast, and which was recently awarded by the Financial Review one of Australia’s most innovative businesses.

So pour yourself a quiet one as Stephen shares:

  • The ups and downs of growing his empire
  • Why a staff member earning $50,000 per annum is worth
    $1 million dollars to the business
  • How he and his 250 employees work hard to ensure even the littlest things are taken care of
  • His secret to engaging the local community
  • Plus how he turned his ADHD in to a super power



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