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270 – A masterclass in remarkable marketing with Arthur Greeno of Chick-Fil-A

Throwing cows from helicopters, setting Guinness World Records, marriage proposals to customers and police calls to turn off the bubble machines – this is just some of the remarkable marketing that today’s guest undertakes. Oh, BTW, the cows were stuffed ;0)

Plus I give a broke listener some ideas on how to raise money for her product idea and share a motivational marketing quote that will get you through when Plan A doesn’t quite do what you’d hoped!

Let’s do this!

mavericks laces - how to turn an idea in to a business

221 – How to turn an idea in to a business with Mavericks Laces Luke Schoknecht

Mavericks Laces co-founder Luke Schoknecht shares exactly how to launch a product from scratch. Graphic designer by day, Luke and his business brand consultant partner decided they needed a product of their own which would allow them to walk their talk (excuse the pun!) … so Mavericks Laces was born.

Plus I share 10 business learnings from a recent speakers retreat I attended. It was absolutely amazing.

Let’s get stuck right into episode 219 of Australia’s #1 marketing show. Go!