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Marketing speaker Tim Reid - marketing podcast

200 – It’s episode 200 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. And I’m joined by a very special guest. Very special!

It’s the Big 200th episode! If you’ve been listening this whole time, thank you, and if you’ve just joined us, welcome to our little community that revels in marketing GOLD. Along the way, I sure have learned a lot about marketing and small business myself, and I’ve had the opportunity to interview some of the most astoundingly talented marketers on the face of the planet. But this episode is extra special because I’m joined by the guy who started it all with me from Episode 1 – Luke “Lukey” Moulton. Listen up!

Actionable Books Chris Taylor - business failure

199 – How to benefit from a business setback.

When you fail in business you have two choices. Get back on your horse, or give up. The good ones get right back on.

My guest today, Chris Taylor of Actionable Books, has had the odd business failure. And each time he’s been thankful for it and kept on riding. In fact, his latest business venture is a direct result of a business failing. To get back on his horse, Chris committed to reading 52 business books in 52 weeks, applying one lesson from each.

Alas, Actionable Books was founded. And is now a thriving online business, that up until three months ago, was being run out of a cave in Spain! Press play for some marketing gold about content creation, content curation, embracing failure and living the location independent lifestyle.

Frank Body Scrub - does sex sell

195 – Does sex sell? 350,000 Instagram followers of frank body scrub think so.

In this week’s episode, I ask the age old question – Does sex sell? And you will probably be unsurprised to know that the answer is a resounding YES – at least, if your brand is relevant to the occasional flash of flesh. And one brand that certainly is relevant is frank coffee scrub. I speak with Jess and Erica from frank, and they talk through their astounding growth to 350,000 Instagram followers, why a little bit of cheekiness never hurt anyone, how they commit to such a strong identity throughout all their branding, and the benefits of having a low price point. Let’s get started!

Blamey Saunders

193 – A masterful lesson in how to successfully disrupt your industry with quantum physicist turned entrepreneur Dr. Elaine Saunders of Blamey Saunders hears.

It’s not every day that a successful quantum physicist decides to pack it all in and launch an online hearing aid business, but that’s exactly what Dr. Elaine Saunders did. Not only is Blamey Saunders hears the only custom fitted online hearing aid business out there – it has bucked a heap of business trends in the process. In my chat with Elaine, she shares a tonne of marketing GOLD from how to get television exposure from day one, through to the benefits of keeping chummy with a tight network of journalists. Let’s get stuck into it, small business owners.