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217 – How to nail online retailing with the grandfather of online retail, Paul Greenberg

Whether you own a bricks and mortar retail business and wondering how to benefit from the massive growth in online retailing; or you have an online E-commerce store, and are wanting to take it to the next level, then you’re going to love this episode.

My guest today is Paul Greenberg (Tweet him here) and he is the grandfather of online retailing. Paul was the co-founder of DealsDirect, a pioneering online department store model that launched in 2004; and he is also Executive Chairman, founder and principal ambassador for NORA – National Online Retailer’s Association.

Plus I tackle a listener question about how to implement the plethora of marketing ideas he’s got from listening in.

Let’s go!

productivity tips for business

209 – How to get more stuff done. AKA productivity tips for your business. Go!

“I love the marketing ideas you’ve shared, Timbo, but of the 250 people in this room, how many do you think will action them?”

I got asked this great question at the end of a keynote I gave recently. You’ll need to listen in to hear my answer, but what I can tell you (and you probably already know) is this… there is no shortage of marketing ideas in this world, but the magic is in the implementation of them.

And that’s where many (most?) business owners fall down. They hear a great idea, take a note of it, and then for whatever reason (there are many) they forget or don’t get around to taking action. They get sucked back in to the busy-ness of business.

Sound familiar? Cool. Well you’re not alone. So listen up!

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9 Ways To Get Stuff Done (#6 Is The Scariest)

Today I delivered my 57th keynote address for the year.

I had an audience of 150(ish) motivated business owners hungry to grow their business through some smart marketing ideas.

The particular keynote I shared went for 50-minutes – and I allowed 10-minutes for questions at the end.

Upon asking for questions, there was the usual silence, followed by the first brave individual putting up their hand.

More awkward silence as the microphone runner makes their way over.

Then comes the question.