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180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.

The famous (or is it infamous?) “First Kiss” video has more than 69 million YouTube views at the time of recording. In this episode I speak with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Melissa reveals how she came up with the idea for First Kiss, the importance of using an emotional connection in your marketing, and how you can use creative ideas and partnerships to make your content go viral.

Sponging it up!

Timbo – Thanks for all your great content. LOVE listening to the show. Sponging it up!, and have done since about 8 mths ago. I’m a Melbournian living in the USA for the past 10 yrs (with my darling American bride, in Maine which is far northeast where it snows like a bastard.) Now running …

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#90 How To Create Killer Content With Small Business Author, Andrew Griffiths.

Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s #1 small business author, with 11 books published in over 50 countries. Yes, he’s prolific! His ability to create relevant, easy to understand and implement content laser-targeted at growing any small business is unmatched. He’s also an all round good guy.

My initial intention for interviewing Andrew was to discuss how a small business owner should and could go about writing a book as part of their overall marketing strategy. However, very early on in our chat, it became bleedingly obvious that quality time should be spent discussing the overall importance of creating useful, engaging content in all its forms – not just a book. So that’s what this interview is all about.

This is right up there with one of my favourite interviews. I hope you agree.