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Micro interactions in business

10 Micro Interactions That Make Selling So Much Easier

In most customer journeys, there are normally several small interactions people have with a business that leads to them finally converting. I call these micro interactions and if you can get these right, it makes asking for the final sale much easier.

Henry Reith Oh Crap

Super simple marketing has lead to steady growth for this dog poop bag business | # 621

Oh Crap! It’s OK, I didn’t do something stupid (for once!) … Oh Crap is actually the name of my guest’s business. Can you guess what they do?  Plumber? Toilet manufacturer? Anger management consultant? Maybe! What I can tel you is they use super simple marketing to grow exponentially. It’s a  shitty episode 621 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.