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260 – Four successful business women share their marketing & business tips

Michelle Bridges, Mia Freedman, Naomi Simson & Karen Jacobsen are just some of the amazing and successful business women who I’ve been lucky enough to interview over the past few years. And boy, have they shared some marketing gold.

So, in today’s episode of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, we take a trip down memory lane to revisit some highlights from these fireside chats.

Enough talk. Let’s do this!

michelle bridges

215 – Michelle Bridges talks personal branding, business success and why we should all JFDI!

Michelle Bridges is Australia’s most influential personal trainer and a brand unto herself.

She’s the straight-talking coach on The Biggest Loser, the author of 12 best selling health & wellness books, she has her own clothing & equipment range called OneActive, and she’s the creator of the hugely 12WBT – an online program that has stripped close to 1,300,000 kilograms of its participants.

Join me as Michelle talks about how she didn’t set out to build an empire, her secret to building her personal brand and all the verticals that now make it up, plus so many more business and marketing nuggets that have lead to her success. This is motivating stuff!
Plus a listener shares some great insights he’s leaned from listening to this show, and how he’s now applying them in his business to great effect.

Let’s go!