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Streetwear brand HoMie is changing the retail environment for the good (and forever) | #577

Hands up if you’ve walked past a young homeless person and avoided eye contact. Maybe you wanted to give them a few bucks only to realise you don’t carry notes anymore. Or maybe you wanted to stop and help them but you didn’t know how. Well, today’s guest has felt all those emotions … so much so that he was compelled to do something about it. So, he started a social enterprise with a marketing and sales bent … and he’s never looked back. It’s a heart-warming episode 577 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

Simon Rowe Sleepbus

[Update] Sleepbus founder Simon Rowe thanks a strong brand for getting him through COVID | #551

Sleepbus founder Simon Rowe’s mission to provide a safe nights sleep to any Australian who needs it is tracking along beautifully thanks to a strong brand and never-say-die attitude. Got a marketing idea you’d like to share with business owners globally? Maybe you want to give Timbo some feedback … leave a message on the Hotline on +61480015150

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265 – Pinchapoo is a cheeky charity founded on a very personal story.

Pinchapoo was borne from a simple, cheeky concept – ‘pinch’ the shampoos and toiletries provided in your hotel room, and donate them to those who need them most. How cheeky is that?!

Join me for a fireside chat with founder Kate Austin as she shares her personal journey to starting this cheeky little charity that has already donated over 400,000 products to the incredible organisations we work who distribute them directly to those in need.