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197 – How creating helpful marketing can change your life, with Melissa Maker from Clean My Space

When Melissa Maker started her upscale cleaning service, Clean My Space, in 2006, little did she know that a few years down the line, she’d be the leading purveyor of online content in the cleaning niche – and making a bucket load of cash from it to boot! A woman after my own heart, Melissa understands the incredible power that content (AKA helpful) marketing can have for businesses large and small. And if you’re a sceptic, I really hope that by listening to this week’s episode, you’ll be inspired to create your own Youtube Channel, blog series, or podcast, and start becoming the most helpful person in your industry. Somebody has to be ;0) Press play!

iPhone Video Hero

#105 Create engaging marketing videos with your iPhone.

Creating great content is a no-brainer marketing strategy. And the King of content is video. And fortunately, marketing your small business using video has never been easier or cheaper. My guest today is Jules Watkins, former BBC, MTV and Pimp My Ride TV director and producer –  who’s created a fantastic training system called iPhoneVideoHero that shows you …

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