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Viral TikTok farmer Jake Wolki

Farmer Goes Viral on TikTok with 24/7 Self-Service Butchery Video | #623

Have you seen the viral TikTok video of the young farmer who opened a 24/7 self-service butchery? It’s had almost one million views. And rightly so, as farmer Jake Wolki is an entrepreneur on a mission to get us all eating right … and (in his own words) he doesn’t give two hoots about the customer experience! It’s a go-your-own-way episode 623 of The (13 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

first kiss video

180 – ‘First Kiss’ video : Behind-the-Scenes with the Creator of the World’s Most Viral Video.

The famous (or is it infamous?) “First Kiss” video has more than 69 million YouTube views at the time of recording. In this episode I speak with the video’s creator, Melissa Coker of Wren Studios. Melissa reveals how she came up with the idea for First Kiss, the importance of using an emotional connection in your marketing, and how you can use creative ideas and partnerships to make your content go viral.