#39 (Pt 1) 4 marketing must-dos to get your business found online. Plus two listener gift

#39 (Pt 1) 4 marketing must-dos to get your business found online. Plus two listener gift

Tim, Luke, Dave Jenyns, Pete WilliamsGot a website? Big deal! That’s just the start of the journey to getting found online. You know that, right? The good news is, that there’s a plethora of small actions you could be taking to ensure your online marketing efforts deliver some serious return. That’s why we’ve invited back Pete Williams and Dave Jenyns to share with us how they go about getting their hugely successful online and offline businesses found in the quagmire that is the internet.

In this first of a 2-part interview, Pete and Dave talk us through:

  1. The magic behind having a Google Places account.
  2. The must-dos of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small business websites.
  3. How to optimize your small business’s website so that it’s a sales machine.
  4. As well as the power of creating a Google Adwords campaign.

If you don’t listen to our show with a pen, paper and cuppa in hand then now’s the time to start…Pete and Dave deliver some serious marketing gold.

Small Business Big Marketing Links & Resources

How to create your presence on Google Places – Pete & Dave’s gift to you (this is G O L D !).

How to build a website – Luke’s gift to you.

xoxox – Tim’s gift to you!

The Small Business Big Marketing Academy – Join before 31/12/2010 and lock in a low membership price forever!

Google V Yellow Pages – The people decide.

Mail Chimp – Free auto-responder service for small businesses.

Australia’s leading internet marketer – Have you listened to our interview with James’ Schramko’s yet?

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1 thought on “#39 (Pt 1) 4 marketing must-dos to get your business found online. Plus two listener gift”

  1. Merry Xmas guys, I enjoy listened to you guys, and at times I get a laugh out of your comments. One thing the last video I saw of both you, I think you should really dress up a bit, and be aware of the background you have. Last time was not what I would call “professional” a bit sloppy guys..especially if you want to be view overseas.
    Anyway keep up the good work. BTW, I am using fiverr.com quite extensively both for my work and work I do for others. That was a great tip…Also a fan of James Schramko.

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